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Our mission is to equip churches and ministries with their own websites. Our world has never been more connected and we believe the Gospel can be available all over the world through internet websites!
We offers a free church website design and development to any Christian, Bible believing church or ministry that desires to utilize the Internet to share the Gospel message. The requirement is that every free website has the Gospel message presented to it's visitors.


Yes, the only costs to you are the unavoidable fees. These are registering the domain name (about 15 per year) and purchasing the website hosting (10 per month through our service or anywhere else). The design and development don't cost anything.
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Custom Made to Fit Your Specific Needs

Many church website providers only give you a limited amount of templates to work with and make you do all the work! We handle the entire initial design and setup of your website leaving you with the simple process of filling it up with the content. We specialize in converting old outdated sites and also creating brand new sites for churches and ministries.

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