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is a simple, ad-free web app that brings your church's events and resources into your daily life. Your ministry can use it to share the Gospel and engage community.
The Eggizo App platform includes amazing app features with incredible

user interface

that allow for the most enjoyable interactive experience your church has ever known. Give your congregants something to be proud about with your very own custom church app with Eggizo!

Eggizō simply means: to make near, to bring near, be at hand, according to Strong's Concordance (1448).
Your members can stay connected all week long through the one thing they don't leave home without. Eggizo App screens


Many church apps forget about the church basics, not Eggizo! Give your congregants a beautiful and interactive front page with instant access to map and directions, phone numbers, website, social media profile and general welcome message or church overview and custom header logo.
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Keep your congregation up to date! Post events directly from the Google® Calendar for effortless integration. You can also use the power of collaboration and sharing with other fellows from the assembly. Users can easily mark events as important for easier navigation.
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Seamlessly connect your church’s YouTube playlist to your app to automatically share new service videos, announcement videos or any other video files directly with your church.
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Why Mobile App?

A church app offers unlimited benefits and is the most effective communication tool in staying engaged with your congregation. Mobile apps account for 91% of all mobile internet traffic with three quarters of the average congregation owning smart phones. Apps are not a fad but an integral part of any progressive church.
Read more and discover a few reasons why you should get a church app.

Easiest And Most Affordable Way To Communicate With Your Church

Easily connect with you congregation using the Eggizo Church App. Take your bulletin materials digital. We connect to your Google® Calendar to allow your church to easily access a digital version of your bulletin through the app to save on printing costs.

Always Available. Anytime. Anywhere.

Take Eggizo with you no matter where your day takes you. You can check the church's bulletin, and watch videos and read your Bible on the go. Our team is working hard to make it always awailable for your Apple, Android, Blackberry and Kindle devices.

Amazing features. Cross-platform. Complete Control.

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Our Team is Here to Help You.

We're so much more than just a technology company. We are privately owned by a Christian family in Newcastle West and we are passionate about serving Christ and equipping the local and global church with great technology and innovation.

Our team loves helping churches and ministries of all sizes significantly increase engagement with high-performing apps. We'd love to help you to further your mission and reach people for Jesus. This is one of the way's we are able to serve the Lord and His people.

No need to worry about the software updates and development of the app. We publish the app and keep it updated, improve continuously, and keep the servers running all year round. We've got your back and we're in it for the long haul. We look forward to helping you better connect with today's mobile culture.
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Experience what the Eggizo App can do for your ministry.

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