Few Reasons You Should Get A Church App

The future of mobility can seem so blurry and confused without the right information. Elders and ministry leaders are often asking us at Eggizo if they should get a church app now or wait? Is it really a necessity for their ministry? Are they worth the initial investment? Will apps stay around or are they a short-lived fad? These are all great questions to be considered before you invest in getting a mobile app for your church or ministry. Below are some of the major statistics we point them to.

mobile app vs mobile friendly website

We see a great value in having a custom branded church app, but we encourage people to take a look at the facts, and let them guide their decision.

time spent on mobile devices - chart

Forbes.com wrote about this massive trend to apps taking place. People are using apps consistently every day because of the easy of use and convenience they offer. Many experts say that the Smartphone usage will more then double in the next two years because of this. Considering that it took 13 years to get to 1 billion Smartphone users, that’s a huge bell curve app user growth we are sitting at the bottom of. When you look at all the statistics on mobile phone usage the answer to these questions become a lot clearer.

Today an overwhelming percentage of our culture are more then just app users, they are "app addicts". There are 72% of mobile app users using at least 10 apps a day, with many using more the 20. It is not just a convenience for them; it's a way of everyday life. They are constantly turning to apps to point them in the right direction, looking to their phone to fill every free minute.

There is a very clear trend today of people using apps on the go rather than websites.

As we have dialogued with many elders and leaders about getting a church app we find they are all facing the same challenge.

People today are so busy, how do they better connect with them! Everyone desires to create a way to better connect people to what's going on in the church, but it's getting harder. People are so busy in our fast paced culture that there are constant distractions, and it's not easy to get their attention. This is where an app can make a big impact on your ministry fulfillment.

Your church can better reach this mobile society by using their choice of communication.

EggizoApp - Newcastle West Bible Fellowship

By getting a church app you begin to empower people to connect with the church when they can and how they prefer and always accessible. You help equip them with Bible along with events, videos, hymnbook and more. There are so many benefits to getting a church app that you should take advantage of the opportunity in front of you.

Culture today has made it clear that if you want to connect with them an app is there preferred choice of communication. Take a minute and sign-up for your church app now!

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